Mentor + Tutorial = Mentorial

There's so much for artists to consider when running a profitable business.

~ How do you grow when it's time for the next step? ~
~ Who do you talk with to discover the perfect path to success? ~
~ Which road should you take along the journey to your heart's desire? ~ 

As a jewelry maker for over ten years, I've asked these same questions and had to find answers on my own. From selling at Farmer's Market's, to consigning work, to submitting to magazines and books, to creating a website, to finding new inspiration, I'm here to share my discoveries and provide all the support you need as you realize your creative goals.

For years I've taught students in a classroom situation, being able to help each student personally. I love the intimacy of a one-on-one interaction. The ability to focus on just one person's needs and concerns at a time, and watching them succeed, is the most rewarding aspect of my business. And that's exactly how a Mentorial with me works. You and me. Brainstorming together to find the best possible solution to your concerns.

Lately quite a few creative coaching opportunities have appeared in the crafting community with a mass market model. One coach to as many online students as possible. I've taken part in a couple of these "classes" myself. What disappointed me with that style of learning was that I didn't have a personal relationship with the instructor. I got decent general advice, or a cheerleading pat on the back, but no concrete steps to follow, no outline to show me the way. In one experience I was actually encouraged to find answers with the help of the other students! And I did. But that's not what I was hoping for when I signed up with the expert. I also found that the extended coaching sessions - sometimes up to nine weeks - were a bit too much for both my busy schedule and my pocketbook.

A Mentorial with me offers the opportunity to have an in-depth, one-on-one conversation about any single aspect of your business. I call this method coaching à la carte. Mentorials are offered in an affordable, single topic format so the discussion can proceed at a comfortable pace. As you master each step along your journey, goals become clear and I'll be there to help you refine your process as new questions arise. Follow up sessions are offered at a special price. With each additional Mentorial, your focus will narrow to reveal your true home base. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. "Propose a topic, and we'll explore its potential together."

All Mentorials are conducted through Etsy for ease of use anywhere in the world, secure payment, and the ability to archive the interaction.

Benefits of a written convo:
• Being able to take time while composing a thoughtful dialog provides for a deeper and more complete conversation. 
• Coordinating a mutually beneficial time is unnecessary as each party can participate as their schedule allows.
• The experience is archived in your Etsy Conversations folder for future reference and can be accessed anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection. 
Benefits of a live Skype chat:

• Being able to see and interact with each other in "real time" enhances the flow of conversation.
• Participants are free to exchange ideas, brainstorm and problem solve together, inspired by each other's energy.
• Offers the opportunity for live 'show and tell' samples of your work.

Possible Options:

• Learn the basics of casting and how it might benefit your business.

• Discuss the craft show experience and focus in on which format might fit your lifestyle best.

• Identify your motivation and interests to reveal your own style and narrative.

• Develop a teaching plan and brainstorm the steps to finding students and venues.

• Observe your process to discover ways you can enhance your skill set.

Make a commitment to your future. Click here to invest in a Mentorial. (link opens in a new window)